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December 4, 2020

Your wine By The Glass growth guide

wine glassResearch has shown that a good by the glass wine list combined with a helpful wine service not only contributes to the financial success of the restaurant but also positively impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. (Dewald, 2008; Russell, 2009). All elements of your service need to work in harmony to deliver a unique and profitable consumer experience. In this blog we will explore how implementing certain ideas into your wine offering and service can help you stand out from the crowd.

One thing remains true: when implemented alongside a number of simple steps, Bermar’s wine & Champagne preservation systems are proven to increase both the value and volume of wine & Champagne sales, generating incremental profits from this important part of the beverage service. Bermar has distilled these steps down into a simple – to – follow guide for growth; including the essential steps needed to grow and maintain a professional and profitable wine by the glass service. Follow the steps below and you will be on the way to fully uncovering one of the most profitable sectors of wine retailing. Customers have consistently found that by following this guide their businesses achieved quite a spectacular increase in wine & Champagne by the glass sales.


1Step 1. Install a Bermar wine & Champagne preservation system

This might sound like an obvious one for us to start with, but Bermar’s wine & Champagne preservation systems incorporate proven, award-winning ePreserve still and sparkling wine preservation technology. Bermar’s systems give you the chance to boost your by the glass sales, eliminate your waste and delight your customers with a fresh and delightful by the glass selection.


2 champagneStep 2. Expand your by the glass range

Now you have a Bermar preservation system installed you need focus on building a new and improved by the glass selection. Here are just a few examples of how you can expand your by the glass range to delight your customers…

  1. Go beyond Brut… why not add a Rosé or a Vintage Champagne by the glass?
  2. Have something different by the glass. Introduce a wine from a new and interesting producer?
  3. Introduce a premium, seasonal Champagne cocktail to your drinks menu.
  4. Develop an interesting and educational wine or Champagne flight for customers to enjoy.

Don’t Panic – Thanks to your Bermar system’s ePreserve technology your wine & Champagne will be perfectly preserved for 21 days so you do not need to worry about wastage.


Step 3. Display and promote your wine range

Now is the time to make sure you are ‘on show’ with customers! Catch your guests’ attention and stand out from the crowd. Use your social channels, back bar display or even your menu to your advantage and communicate in a clear and positive way. Why not try…

  1. Introducing a unique and delicious food and wine pairing menu as an option for customers. This helps with promotion and creating an experience.
  2. To make sure you promote and display your wine and Champagne offers with prominent signage and a great looking back bar.
  3. Promoting your by the glass offer via social media, highlighting a premium by the glass option with stunning imagery.

If you don’t believe that this can make a difference… Dodd (1997) and Wansink et al. (2006) found that wine sales can be increased if the restaurant uses wine promotions and recommends food-wine pairing. Using a twelve-week field experiment, Wansink et al. (2006) estimated that wine-food pairing recommendations increased wine sales of the targeted wines by 44.5% while the promotion of five wines increased the sales of the promoted wines by 39%, and the opportunity to taste five wines before the meal increased sales of the targeted wines by 47%



4Step 4. Supercharge your team

Your team is your biggest asset when it comes to delivering a memorable Champagne service. The ultimate tool for increasing sales and delighting customers is harnessing your team’s talents by giving them the confidence to assist customers when ordering.

We can’t expect all of your team to be sommeliers and even sommeliers can only be in one place at a time. Small bits of perfectly practised knowledge help staff and the customer feel empowered. 

These small bits of knowledge allow you to:

– Make wine choices simple for guests

– Create ‘up-sell’ opportunities

– Encourage consumers to try different wines on your list

You could also develop some internal ‘Wine Ambassadors’. These are team members who understand about the wines & Champagnes available by the glass and can undoubtedly get customers excited about the experience they are about to embark on when trying a new addition to the by the glass menu. 

Love these steps? Want to learn more about wine & Champagne preservation and how it can help your business?
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