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June 30, 2020

Wine and Champagne preservation should be a priority in today’s climate

boost wine salesThe business opportunity is much greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to preserving wine and Champagne. The reality is that a Bermar wine & Champagne preservation system is one of the few pieces of equipment you can invest in that will actually help you to make money!

You’re probably wondering what we mean when we say it’ll actually make you money, right? Well when you buy a dishwasher, it’s unlikely that you’d look at it as a machine that will help you on a path to greater profits. By purchasing a Bermar wine & Champagne preservation system, however, you have purchased a system that will be your Sherpa to wine-by-the-glass profit nirvana! 

Crucially, the ability to preserve an opened bottle of wine or Champagne for 21 days means you offer a more premium wine by the glass list as you will no longer need to worry about waste. This, in turn, allows you to unlock a greater margin per glass from each and every bottle. Allow us to illustrate:

Outlet A – sells 200 glasses of wine a week. Their current range of wines by the glass is consists of 6 options, with an average price of £4.50.

Outlet A installs a Bermar preservation system. The wine by the glass range increases from 6 options to 15 with a new average price of £6.00. 

This can be achieved because the Bermar preservation system removes the issue of waste for both wine and Champagne meaning an increased offering of premium selections by the glass can be made available.

The positive result of this is a considerable increase in turnover of £300 per week / £15,000 a year and that’s before you count the savings from reduced waste (and the tick in the sustainability box we know is so important to your customers).

This simple calculation assumes no increase in the volume of sales and no savings in wastage. We know from experience that outlets notice a tangible increase in both sales volume and value when extending their range. We would predict that if Outlet A went from 6 options to 15, including Champagne by the glass, then sales should increase between 10-30%. We have customers who have reported a 50%+ increase in sales from installing a Bermar system. Combine that with a reduction of waste to less than 1% and that £300 can jump, potentially to £700+ increased turnover a week, meaning an estimated increase of £36,000+ annually! 

In this business case example, we cover the hard, quantifiable (financial) benefits of owning a system. There are many other benefits that we attach no hard cash value to but they are benefits that go a long way in taking your wine & Champagne service to a whole new level.

These include the likes of pivoting the range to reflect seasonality, food and wine matching, tasters, flights, and more. It could also be a ‘Manager’s Special’  to keep the service dynamic, or offering customers the chance to try new and unfamiliar wines, Champagne by the glass and so much more. These all drive engagement between operator and consumer which, in turn, boost your reputation and repeat business, and thereby drive commercial returns. 

Why should I think about wine & Champagne preservation now?

During these unusual times, you may be thinking that purchasing a preservation system sounds great… at some point, but should I consider this now? The simple answer is YES. Of course, you wouldn’t expect us to say otherwise, would you? Really though, now is the crucial time to invest in a system. Never in the hospitality industry has each individual customer been so important to a business. With the possible medium-term restrictions across the globe putting a strain on venue capacity numbers, it is crucial that every customer coming through your door maximises their spending and leaves wanting to return the following week. 

Here are some real-world examples of why wine & Champagne by the glass are crucial in today’s current climate:


The driving ones
With a global reduction in public transport usage, people are more inclined to drive to a venue, therefore increasing the chance guests will go for a glass of wine over a bottle. 


The healthy ones
Following on from that the CGA has reported that one of the three main global trends coming out of the pandemic is people are focused on health and wellbeing. This was a trend on the rise before Covid-19 but now it has been turbocharged. The CGA reports that 92% of UK hospitality customers are focused on health and wellbeing post-lock-down. Once again, this means a customer is more likely to choose a glass over a bottle meaning that they can indulge without the guilt.


The premium ones
Another main trend found by the recent CGA study was sales of premium drinks were performing the best in the drinks category. Just because people are swapping a bottle for a glass does not mean spend is going down. It means that if people are going to treat themselves to a glass of wine, they are going to make the treat worthwhile by choosing something fantastic. It’s crucial that you don’t miss the opportunity to jump on this. If a guest can’t order a fantastic glass of what they fancy, it’s spend that you are missing out on today… and tomorrow.


The happy ones
Another incredible benefit of having a Bermar preservation system is the fact you never need to worry about serving a bad glass of wine & Champagne. This is, of course, always crucial as delighting customers is the main goal of hospitality but now the focus is more prevalent than ever. When a customer decides to visit your venue post-lock-down that means they have trust in you; they trust that you will keep them safe and deliver an experience that is worth leaving their home for. The last thing you want to do is disappoint them by serving a flat glass of Champagne or a wine that is past its best. After all, you want your customers to enjoy their experience and return with friends (when they can)!


Trust us when we say we could write books about the benefits of preservation, so this is just a taster! That said, you’re hopefully one step closer to understanding why having a Bermar wine & Champagne preservation system is more important than ever…

Eliminate costly waste, earn more from your wine list, and delight your customers.    

If you are looking for ideas for your post-lockdown wine list then download our re-launch ideas pack here. Still want to know more, or get your own Bermar Preservation System? Well call one of our expert team on +44 (0) 1473 612 062 and we can get you up and running in no-time.