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April 5, 2022

Why use a wine preservation system?

Ah, the age-old question that has plagued us for over 300 years: what do you do with a bottle of wine after only having served a glass or two? Food storage is almost second nature to us at this point, and we certainly wouldn’t allow our food to go off, let alone consume anything that has far surpassed its best before date, so why should it be any different with your wine & Champagne selection?

Our love affair with wine preservation actually began hundreds of years ago; when selling and transporting wine picked up momentum, it needed longevity and shelf life! While we’re pretty confident neither the Ancient Egyptians nor the Romans had a professional wine & Champagne preservation system to hand, we can credit them for kickstarting the long line of preservation methods that have evolved in the years (centuries) that followed! From amphoras (ancient pottery jars) to wine cellars (or wine caves), to oak barrels, it wasn’t until the seventeenth century that glass bottles and cork stoppers came into existence…but even these came with their own limits and imperfections!

What on earth does this have to do with your business, you might ask? Well, to be perfectly honest, the same perpetrators that spoiled wine many moons ago is still a challenge to this very day – namely oxygen & storage methods/procedures! In this article, we will present you with a myriad of reasons (okay, three to be exact) as to why a professional wine & Champagne preservation system will absolutely improve and strengthen your wine service!

Let’s explore three quick reasons why a preservation system can make such a big difference to you and your teams!


Boost your wine sales

With premium & much more esoteric wine becoming more of a ‘regular luxury’ for British consumers, fine wine merchant Bordeaux Index (BI) has reported that “almost three quarters (73%) of wine-loving Brits have spent more on fine wine since the start of the pandemic.” With this change in approach to how your customers consume & enjoy their wine, it sounds like now is the perfect time to unlock your wine list’s potential and offer your guests all the ‘luxury’ they desire!

With a professional wine & Champagne preservation system, not only can you offer a greater range of premium options, but you can also entice your customers to trade up and generate more profit. Where, for instance, an entire bottle of Champagne may be intimidating, a by the glass offer is only at a slightly higher price point than your standard offerings, is a lot more appealing, and is likely to strike a sale amongst your guests.

BI data has also revealed that 86% of their respondents “intend to make fine wine consumption a permanent lifestyle change, as life returns to normal.” With this surge of interest in better, more premium wines, investing in a preservation system that will allow you to offer a greater selection while, simultaneously, boosting your wine sales, seems like a total no-brainer.


Eliminate expensive wine waste

UK restaurants are responsible for the production of 915,400 tonnes of waste every year and if, on average, 3.1 million glasses of wine are disposed of annually…we are facing an extreme (but solvable) issue!

With the 21 days of preservation, you can achieve with a Bermar system, extend the life of your opened bottles and eliminate the unnecessary fear of wastage or spoiled wine! Long gone are the days when precious, unfinished wine (of any calibre) must meet its fateful end…down the drain. Instead, thanks to our revolutionary & innovative ePreserve technology, your still and sparkling wine collection can be resealed with greater accuracy and more efficiency, making wastage a total thing of the past.

With a Bermar preservation system, you can pour a fresh glass of wine or Champagne for up to three weeks from first opening the bottle, allowing you to be more environmentally sustainable, whilst saving money. The end result is a greater range of wine and Champagne by the glass without you over the sink every few days pouring spoiled wine away.



Delight your customers

Talking of spoiled wine, nothing quite like a sharp, sour glass of vinegar masking itself as wine puts your customers off an entire meal in the blink of an eye! Using a Bermar preservation system each glass of wine or Champagne will be perfectly preserved, meaning customers will be served a fresh and delicious glass of wine every time, resulting in a happy customer, giving even more reason to return to your venue again and again. Thankfully, with the help of a preservation system, your beloved customers will only ever experience the best of the best from you & your wine service.

Not to mention, if the mere thought of delighting your customers wasn’t incentive enough, according to Forbes, 84% of companies who improved their customer experience reported an increase in their revenue. This striking statistic simply demonstrates that investing in customer satisfaction means a simultaneous investment in your business and profit margins. The same article went on to say that customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive experience. With these figures in mind, delighting your customers at every ample opportunity translates into profits for you and your team.

Before closing this section, lest we forget the flexibility that serving by the glass provides. When you can pour directly at the table, you are adding significant value to your overall customer experience and satisfaction. By allowing your staff to talk to the customer about the wine, and even offer tasting samples upon request, not only are you creating unique and individualised experiences, but you also give your guests a chance to capture the serving experiences for their social channels! This is especially important when offering premium wine & Champagne by the glass.


Transformation pending…

At the end of the day, you really want your customers to sing your sweet praises; you want nothing but positivity and enjoyment to ooze from your new and returning customers. In today’s day and age, your guests long for a worthwhile, out-of-home experience. So how do you fulfill them and satisfy this craving for the extraordinary?

– By caring for both your customers, as well as your wines, and giving them a premium experience they cannot recreate or achieve on their own.
– By offering diverse wine selections and offerings at a price point that is much more accessible and less daunting.
– By always leaving your customers wanting more, on account of your fresh & delicious wine menu, and eager to return, time and time again.

Achieve these amazing wins and so much more with a professional wine & Champagne preservation system by Bermar. With our revolutionary and innovative ePreserve technology, you can overcome your wastage concerns, profit from your wine by the glass service, and delight your customers with a wider, more diverse selection of wines. You, too, can unlock your ultimate wine list potential today! Simply visit to learn more or get in touch with our friendly team on 01473 612062.