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February 5, 2020

Introducing Le Verre de Vin + & PODBAR+

Le Verre de Vin = & PODBAR +

Bermar have launched their next generation wine & Champagne preservation systems. This huge update introduces Le Verre de Vin +, PODBAR+, ePreserve technology and the eStopper.

The next generation of Bermar wine & Champagne preservation systems, Le Verre de Vin + and PODBAR+, are both powered by the new ePreserve technology. The all new systems deliver faster reseal times, greater accuracy, incredible efficiency and can preserve still wines and Champagnes in one system.

Established in 1991, the UK manufacturer produces the world’s leading professional wine & Champagne preservation systems. These systems are used by the hospitality industry to reseal any open bottle of still or sparkling wine. The result allows operators to boost wine & Champagne sales whilst eliminating wastage. Operators with Le Verre De Vin + are set to delight customers with an enhanced ‘by the glass’ offering, along with the ability to serve at the table or bar.

The systems are now driven by an intelligent ePreserve chip. 30 years of learning and know-how distilled into a unique, proprietary software that drives the finest performance of any preservation system, anywhere on the planet. Perfect performance for demanding operators in an ever-changing market.

With an eye to the future and continued global expansion, Bermar’s Managing Director, Tom Berresford comments “This is a step-change for our business: We’ve been able to distil 30 years of expertise down into our most powerful and refined solution for wine and Champagne preservation. Our Development Engineers have been working on this technology behind the scenes for almost 2 years, and I’m excited to get it into the hands of operators now we’re ready for launch. We invite our customers to shop for the solution that meets their needs, whether it be from our stand-alone Le Verre De Vin + series or PODBAR+ where professional preservation meets perfect refrigeration.”

What’s new?

The new features of the totally re-engineered Le Verre de Vin + and PODBAR+ ranges are:

Two types of preservation, one system

The Bermar systems are the world’s only ‘dual’ preservation system, meaning that operators can reseal an unlimited selection of still and sparkling wines with just one system.

21 days preservation

Wastage is a thing of the past as the systems allow for 21 days of preservation. Once opened, operators will be able to serve their wine & Champagne with confidence, even after three weeks. This empowers users to have a greater range of wine & Champagnes by the glass, without the worry of having to pour any spoiled drink down the sink.

Any bottle, anywhere

Screw top wine, narrow-necked vintage champagne? No problem. Bermar’s extensive range of accessories enables their customers to serve what they want by the glass, with the knowledge that it will be perfectly preserved.

The eStopper

The long-awaited next generation of stopper is finally here. The new still wine eStopper represents the very pinnacle of vacuum stopper technology. These new stoppers are engineered to offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. One stopper will fit standard half bottles, full size bottles, screw tops and even ‘most’ magnum bottles. Twenty eStopper’s will be supplied (in two boxes of ten) with all new systems. The eStopper is available in two cap colours (gold and silver). All of which is available to purchase online via

eStopper (10x Gold) – Buy Now
eStopper (10x Silver) – Buy Now

Greater accuracy

Precise resealing accuracy = perfect preservation. ePreserve technology creates a truly unmatched preservation environment. The new ePreserve chip now preserves wine and Champagne with 37% more accuracy than previous generation Bermar systems.

Incredible efficiency

Bermar’s innovative energy saving technology means you no longer need to sacrifice performance for efficiency – you can have both. The new ePreserve chip means that the Bermar preservation systems use 70% less power when on standby. In addition, new systems exhibit greater efficiency during the resealing of still wines. As a result, power consumption during operation has been reduced by 8.5%.

Faster reseal times

Operators and their teams no longer need to waste time with cumbersome or slow preservation devices. ePreserve technology can preserve any bottle of wine or Champagne in just 1-5 seconds.

Light up your bar with colour

Choose from 7 illuminated nozzle colours – whether you’re a blue bar or a purple pop-up, Bermar have got you covered and your new preservation system is guaranteed to look incredible on display!

Stay cool, look cool (PODBAR+ only)

The PODBAR+ range consists of beautifully lit countertop refrigeration units with integral ePreserve technology for still and sparkling wines. The PODBAR+ range offers the perfect solution for storing red, white and sparkling wines at optimum serving temperatures. This allows wines to be presented, served and preserved with eye-catching style and precision.


The new Le Verre de Vin +, PODBAR+ & eStopper are available globally today via Bermar and authorised distributors. Additional technical specifications, product options and accessories are available by contacting Bermar on +44 (0) 1473 612 062 or email

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