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Le Verre de Vin +

Preserve open bottles of both still & sparkling wines for 21 days from one compact system, taking up minimal bar real estate. Grow your buy-the-glass range & sales while eliminating wastage.

Le Verre de Vin + wine preservation systems can be the focal point of your commitment to serving the freshest wines-by-the-glass or a discrete quality guarantee supporting your by-the-glass offering.

Flexible mounting options make them ideal for new or existing bars - no need for an expensive refit. 

Perfect partner for on-trade operators growing their still & sparkling by-the-glass sales. Cellar doors serving the freshest samples, and wine stores offering tastings to encourage sales.

Wine companies use Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems as valuable tools to forge long-term business relationships with key on-trade and retail customers. By investing in a customers business, sharing the cost or buying systems outright.   

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The PODBAR + consists of beautifully lit countertop display refrigeration units with an integral ePreserve Le Verre de Vin preservation module. PODBARs offer the perfect solution for storing red, white and sparkling wines at optimum serving temperatures while presenting, serving and preserving wines with precision and style.

PODBAR+ is also ideal for on-trade operators looking to maximise their still and sparkling wine by the glass sales. Cellar doors looking to ensure the freshness of the tastings and wine stores offering in-store tastings. 

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Wine Preservation Creators






Our new still wine eStopper has landed, designed to fit screw-cap and cork sealed bottles along with 375ml and most magnums. Our range of still and sparkling stoppers along with CO2 mini cylinders are available in our store.

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UK Wine Preservation in Australia







Robustly designed and constructed Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems have a long productive service life. But if your system needs back up support, Bermar Australia is here to help.  

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In good company

Over 50,000 customers in 90+ countries around the world have a Bermar system operating at the heart of their wine by the glass offer. From idyllic island retreats in the Maldives to busy, bustlin’ backstreet bars in New York city you never know where you’ll see your next Bermar preservation system.

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