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model No. BC 406

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Quad Podbar+ Champagne and Wine Preservation

PODBAR+ Quad consists of four stunning, beautifully lit countertop display refrigeration units and an integrated Le Verre de Vin Tower system. Quad temperature control allows you to set up to four temperature zones to suit different wine varietals and styles, an excellent start for the ultimate wine by the glass station.

Add to four temperature zones, world-leading wine preservation technology guaranteeing wines served fresh as the winemaker intended for 21 days. Plus the ability to pour wine in front of the customer direct from the bottle, you have created the Ultimate 21st-century wine the glass customer service. Now it's time to design your ultimate wine the glass list…

Consumers will happily spend the money if you provide them with the right experience. With the right wine by the glass list, wine wastage eliminated, add some staff training and communicating your new offering to your customers will have you on the road to increased wine profits.

The integrated wine preservation technology is quick and easy for staff to use. With an automatic cut off to ensure optimum wine preservation every time, interactive reseal process with illuminated nozzles and wine preservation in under 5 seconds.

The systems also have a long operating life, low maintenance and running costs. PODBAR + Quad models are available in three configurations, still wine preservation, Champagne preservation and dual wine preservation, including both still wine and Champagne preservation into the one system.


Bermar wine & Champagne preservation systems have been designed with input from globally renowned winemakers and Champagne Maisons. Incorporating our proven, award-winning ePreserve still and sparkling wine preservation technology, our systems will turbo-charge your wine by the glass service. With incredible features and dual preservation functionality, a Bermar preservation system is your only one-stop-system of choice.

preservation types

Two types of preservation

The modern wine list is not just still wine only… sparkling wine sales are growing rapidly globally. Bermar’s systems are the world’s only ‘dual’ preservation device meaning you can reseal an unlimited selection of still and sparkling wines with one system.

21 days preservation

21 days preservation

You would not cut open an apple or pour a glass of milk, then leave it on the side to enjoy a few days later. So why would you do it with wine? With a Bermar preservation system you can pour a fresh glass of still / fortified wine or Champagne for up to 21 days from first opening the bottle.

Any bottle anywhere

Any bottle, anywhere

Bermar's wine & Champagne preservation system unlock a world full of opportunities, whether it be a glass of Champagne served from a magnum, or a flight of wines... the choice is yours. Still, sparkling, vintage, screw cap, Bermar's preservation systems cover them all.

Colour Options

Light up your bar with colour

Choose from 7 illuminated nozzle colours - whether you’re a blue bar or a purple pop-up we’ve got you covered and your new Bermar preservation system is guaranteed to look incredible behind your bar!

0 to sealed

From '0 to sealed' in supercar speed

Don’t let your team waste time with cumbersome or slow preservation devices. Save huge amounts of time and money with our supercar fast preservation system. ePreserve technology can preserve any bottle of wine or Champagne in 1-5 seconds.

Big impact

Small footprint, big impact

At Bermar we appreciate that space in your venue can be limited. We listened to our customers and developed our preservation models to take up the smallest amount of back bar space possible. We have designed the system to have the smallest footprint possible, whilst delivering the best preservation technology.

Powered by ePreserve technology

This year, Bermar’s Engineers reached a new milestone in the business’s history… for the first time distilling our secret-sauce into a chip; not a chip to dip but a custom ePreserve chip. The ePreserve chip has set a new benchmark for preservation performance. Greater accuracy, faster reseals and more efficient than ever before.

Sparkling Preservation

Sparkling wine / Champagne Sparkling wine / Champagne

ePreserve technology calculates and introduces the exact amount of CO2 into the empty space of the bottle in under 5 seconds.

This stops the Champagne losing its sparkle without altering the taste or composition for 21 days.

Still Preservation

Still wine Still wine

No gas is required to reseal your still wine with our ePreserve technology. This means you can reseal a bottle as many times as you want with no cost.

ePreserve technology creates a precise vacuum halting the process of oxidation.

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small footprint, big impact

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In good company

Over 50,000 customers in 90+ countries around the world have a Bermar system operating at the heart of their wine by the glass offer. From idyllic island retreats in the Maldives to busy, bustlin’ backstreet bars in New York city you never know where you’ll see your next Bermar preservation system.

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