PODBAR + series

Professional wine & Champagne preservation

meets perfect refrigeration



The original

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More pods, more control

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Small footprint, big impact

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The ultimate wine display

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Sparkling Nozzle

CO2 nozzle
for Champagne and sparkling
wine preservation

Sparkling Nozzle

Vacuum seal nozzle
for still wine
wine preservation

Still & Sparkling, one system

The modern wine list is not just still wine only… sparkling wine sales are growing rapidly globally. Bermar’s systems are the world’s only ‘dual’ preservation device meaning you can reseal an unlimited selection of still and sparkling wines with one system.

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Boost by-the-glass sales

All Bermar systems unlock unlimited potential in any wine list. The system allows you to offer a greater range of premium wine & Champagnes by the glass, enticing customers to trade up and generating more profit. Each glass of wine or Champagne will be perfectly preserved, meaning customers will be satisfied with their choice and come back again and again. Our global customer base repeatedly tells us how their revenue has increased 10, 20, and in some cases over 30%!

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Eliminate the wasting of wine

Eliminate Waste

Wastage will be a thing of the past with the 21 days of preservation you can achieve with a Bermar system. This allows operators to be more environmentally sustainable, whilst saving money. The result is a greater range of wine & Champagnes by the glass, without the worry of having to pour anything down the drain due to it being spoiled.

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Keep Wine Cool

Stays cool, looks cool

With a contemporary brushed steel bezel, PODBAR+ is the ultimate way to present and display your wine & Champagne selections. To allow for even greater impact, the internal coloured LED lighting options ensure that presentation is adjustable to be striking in any setting.

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Powered by ePreserve technology

This year, Bermar’s Engineers reached a new milestone in the business’s history… for the first time distilling our secret-sauce into a chip; not a chip to dip but a custom ePreserve chip. The ePreserve chip has set a new benchmark for preservation performance. Greater accuracy, faster reseals and more efficient than ever before.

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Easy to use as 1, 2, 3

It could not be easier to preserve your wine or Champagne. Just insert a stopper,
push the bottle up to the system and in just a few seconds your bottle will be perfectly preserved.

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Insert a Bermar wine or Champagne stopper

Push the bottle up to the system for the nozzle to go orange

Still wine sealing shown, please use the other CO2 nozzle for Champagne

Remove after the nozzle has gone green. The wine/Champagne is now sealed.

Display, your way

The PODBAR+ series is complemented with 3 choices of fridge display options chosen at point of order, see illustrations below:

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Standing display

Capacity of 12 standard (75cl) wine bottles

Gallery display

Capacity of 8 standard (75cl) wine bottles

Step display

Capacity of 8 standard (75cl) wine bottles

and so much more...

Loved by 50,000+ customers globally

Includes 20x still wine eStoppers

Includes 6x Champagne stoppers

7 illuminated nozzle colours to choose from

World renowned reliability

CE Approved

In good company

Over 50,000 customers in 90+ countries around the world have a Bermar system operating at the heart of their wine by the glass offer. From idyllic island retreats in the Maldives to busy, bustlin’ backstreet bars in New York city you never know where you’ll see your next Bermar preservation system.

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