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January 6, 2024

Bermar: Your Gateway to Embracing
Global Wine Trends and Movements

The dynamic world of wine trends is constantly shaped by evolving consumer preferences, innovative methods, and an increasing enthusiasm for varied wine experiences. This shifting landscape offers thrilling prospects for all establishments, including yours, to innovate and elevate the quality of their selections.

Bermar stands as a beacon in this ever-changing landscape, as our preservation systems go beyond just maintaining the freshness of wine and Champagne. Trusted by over 50,000 customers in more than 90 countries, they are powerful tools for unlocking new possibilities in the wine service industry. By ensuring each bottle is perfectly preserved, Bermar systems empower venues to broaden their wine selections, embrace emerging trends, and tailor unique experiences for each guest.

Today, let’s explore how Bermar systems can not just adapt to but actively shape and unlock new emerging trends and opportunities for your venue, enhancing every glass poured and every customer’s experience in 2024 – and beyond.



The trend of ‘premiumisation’ continues to gain momentum in 2024, especially within the Australian wine market. This trend is characterised by a focus on high-quality, premium-priced wines. According to recent insights from Wine Australia, affluent wine drinkers are increasingly seeking out premium wines, which enhances their dining experience and encourages them to recommend venues offering superior wine quality. This is crucial for maintaining a strong reputation and profitability in competitive markets. 


Show Some Local Wine Appreciation!

Australia’s wine industry is increasingly seeing a shift towards local wine appreciation. With many consumers seeking locally produced wines, leveraging Bermar’s preservation systems can help venues meet this demand. Offering a diverse range of local wines not only caters to consumer preferences but also supports the local wine industry. This connection between consumers and local vineyards is vital, especially as consumers continue to prioritise local products.


Conscious Choices: Embracing Sustainability

Sustainability is a significant trend in the wine industry for 2024, reflecting a broader consumer awareness of environmental impact. Many consumers now prefer sustainable products, and this extends to their wine choices. Bermar’s preservation systems play a crucial role in this eco-conscious movement by reducing waste and allowing venues to offer a variety of wines by the glass without risking spoilage.


Elevating Wine and Food Pairings

Wine and food pairing remains a vital aspect of the dining experience, and with over 40% of Gen Z and Millennial wine drinkers eager to explore new wine styles, there’s a golden opportunity for innovative pairings. Bermar’s technology allows venues to offer a wider range of fresh and delicious wines, perfectly complementing various cuisines and enhancing the overall dining experience.


Personalising Wine Experiences

The trend of personalised wine experiences, such as curated wine flights, aligns perfectly with Bermar’s capabilities. Imagine offering guests a ‘Tour of Australian Terroirs’ where they can explore wines from different regions, each preserved at its peak freshness. This approach not only educates and engages guests but also highlights the uniqueness and diversity of Australian wines.


Innovating with Wine Cocktails

The rising popularity of wine cocktails presents a creative avenue for venues. With a significant percentage of consumers familiar with and trying wine cocktails, Bermar’s preservation systems enable venues to confidently explore this trend. From classic sangrias to modern wine spritzers, the ability to maintain the integrity and freshness of the wine base fosters an environment of innovation and creativity.


Charting the Future of Wine Service with Bermar

As we embrace the shifting landscapes of the wine world, Bermar’s professional wine & Champagne preservation systems stand as key enablers in this journey of discovery and innovation.

By offering a spectrum of opportunities – from personalised wine experiences to sustainable cocktail creations – Bermar is not just a part of the global wine narrative; it’s helping to write it. For venues looking to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry, Bermar offers the tools to do so responsibly and sustainably. Together, let’s continue to shape the future of wine service, one glass at a time.