Why is Wine preservation a priority today?

Professional still and sparkling wine preservation represents a larger opportunity than just the dollar$ saved eliminating wine wastage, given that's an important part! Eliminating while wastage opens up new profit and marketing opportunities for your business, making a Bermar wine and champagne preservation system one the the few pieces of equipment you can invest in, that help you make money.

Sounds an obvious thing to say about our own system but look at a dishwaher as an example, an important piece of kitchen equipment but its unlikely to improve your food profits. On the other hand a Bermar wine preservation system will remove a limitation on a critical tool that drives your wine profits, your wine by the glass list.

The ability to preserve 10, 20, 30 and more open bottles of still and sparkling wines for 21 days while eliminating waste, allows you to offer more premium wines by the glass unlocking greater margins per glass.

Examples of the quantifiable financial benefits;

Venue A - sells 200 glasses of wines per week, offers 6 wines by the glass with an average sale price of $9.50. Outlet increases to 12 wines by the glass, and the new average sale price is $11.50 per glass. By-the-glass sales have increased by $400 per week and $20,000 per year.

Venue B - sells 250 glasses of wines per week, offers 10 wines by the glass with an average sale price of $15. Outlet increases to 20 wines by the glass, and the new average sale price is $18.00 per glass. By-the-glass sales have increased by $750 per week and $39,000 per year.

This increase in revenue is impressive and does not reflect the saving$ in wine wastage plus the ability to tick the sustainability box important to today's customers.

These calculations exclude an increase in the number of glasses sold per week, feedback and experience show venues experience a sizeable growth in sales volume and value after increasing their by-the-glass list. Increasing your by-the-glass list by 6 to 10 still and sparkling wines can see the number of glasses sold grow between 10 - 30%. Customers have reported 50% growth after installing Bermar's wine and champagne preservation system and increasing their by-the-glass list. Assuming a 15% sales volume growth combined with wine waste under 1%, Venue A is over $760 a week in front, and Venue B is over $1400 a week in front. 

If you would like to see these calculations in more details, please contact us

Tangible benefits not as easy to quantify;

The above examples cover the immediate financial benefits of owning a system. There are other benefits harder to tack a cash value too, that go along way to improving customer experience and their attachment to your venue. That can boost your venue reputation, make your venue more sharable on social media, thereby enhancing your venue visibiliy.

Flexibilty to pivot your range with seasonal menu changes, food and wine pairings, wine tasters and flights, super and ultra premium wines and non vintage and prestige Champagne enables you to keep your service dynamic, giving your customers the chance to try new and exciting wines. Driving loyalty and a reason for your customers to return more often along with sharing their experience with friends, equalling a growing reputation, repeat and new business driving improved commercial returns.



Wine and Champagne preservation... Why is the time right now? 

Its easy to think, 'I love the idea of having professional wine preservation, but with all the uncertainty, is it the right time to consider purchasing it now? Our answer is YES and sounds self-serving we know, but our reasons make sense. Never at any time in our industry has each customer been so important, with contraints on venue capacity, it's critical for your business that every customer maximises their spend, is keen to come back next week and shares their wonderful experience with a friend.

Important trends/reasons why still and sparkling wine by the glass is critical to your business today.



Globally public transport use has reduced, more people than usual are driving to your venue. Increasing the number of a customers choposing glasses of wine over a bottle.



According to the Australian Bureau of Satatistics (ABS) 'People and communities impacts of COVID-19 survey' January 2021 one of the largest pandemic behavioural trends is "86% of Australians took steps to manage their physical health", "67% took steps to manage their mental health" and 47% reported watching or changing there diet was a focus. A trend before Covid-19 it now seems to more important than ever, making us believe consumers are more likely than ever before to choose a glass over a bottle allowing them to go premium.



Wine Intelligence's (WI) 'Industry predictions 2021' report recently shared the following wine trend; "declining volumes and price per inching up as consumers look to spend their alcohol budget in more interesting and rewarding ways'. Just because consumers may buy a glass instead a bottle, it does not follow that spending will go down. People will treat themselves to an interesting, better or special glass of wine. You mustn't miss the opportunity to sell them something fantastic.


Return Visits / New Customers

Delighting your customers so they will revisit soon and share a wonderful experience with friends is more crucial now than ever. With a Bermar wine and Champagne preservation system, you no longer need to worry about serving a flat Champagnes or a dull, tired wine well past its prime. Allowing you to focus on their experience's other elements, delighting them to return soon and tell or bring their friends.


A professional Bermar wine preservation system can help your venue eliminate waste, earn more from your wine list and help delight your customers. If this article has raised questions or we can provide more information, contact our team on 0418 887 540 or here.