Storing your Wine and Champagne

Most people don't really think about about storing their wine if they only have a handful of bottles, and are not too serious about their wine drinking or preservation. If, however, you are a collector, or even half way serious about your wine, there are some important things that will definitely lengthen the life of your bottled wine.

If you think about some of the natural wine storage methods in places like Pommery in France, one of the main Champagne producers, we can learn a lot. Pommery Estate store their Champagne in old limestone tunnels which are temperature stable, and also humidity stable.

So, in Australia, some things to consider are:

  • Wine needs to be stored in a cool, temperature stable location. Ideally, Wine should be kept between 14 to 18 degrees celsius. So with that in mind, of course a wine cellar is ideal, but failing that, a wine fridge is perfect.
  • Humidity should be kept somewhere around 50% to 80%. Too damp can cause mould.
  • It needs to be somewhere dark as UV rays can age the wine prematurely, and it is important to remember that preserving wine is one of the most important things that you can do aside from drinking it. Keeping it in a box is an easy solution. Temperature stable boxing like an esky is perfect.
  • Don't move them around often! Once you have stored your wine, keep it in one place. That said, store the wine on it's side if it is corked, as the cork needs to stay moist so that it does not shrink and let oxygen in to bottle, and age the wine. 
  • If you are a red wine lover, store it somewhere that it will not be disturbed, as the sediment needs to settle over time. Vibrations ccaused by hallways with timber flooring, or near a busy road will prevent this sediment from settling, and will prevernt your wine preservation.

Ideally if you are a collector, a wine fridge or a cellar is the go, but if you cannot acheive either of these, then keep the above in mind when you are storing your wine, and you will prolong the life of the wine as much as possible