Grow by the glass sales

Research shows that a quality by-the-glass wine list combined with helpful wine service contributes to a restaurant's financial success and positively impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. (Dewald, 2008; Russell, 2009). All elements of your service need to work in harmony to deliver a unique and profitable consumer experience. This blog will explore how implementing specific ideas into your wine by the glass offering and service can help you stand out from the crowd.

Bermar's wine preservation systems can help grow your wine sales value and volume, using simple steps. We created a simple – how-to – guide for growth, including the essential steps needed to grow and maintain a professional and profitable wine by the glass service. Following this guide, customers have consistently found that their businesses achieved strong increase in wine & Champagne by the glass sales.


1Step 1. Install a Bermar wine preservation system

It sounds like a likely place for us to start, still a Bermar wine & Champagne preservation system will give you the confidence to improve your wine-by-the-glass offering, adding premium wines, maybe including Champagne and eliminating wine waste, not increasing it. Freeing you to delight your customers with a vibrant by-the-glass selection, served fresh every time.


2 champagneStep 2. Increase your wine by the glass list

Bermar wine preservation system installed, now build an exciting wine-by-the-glass list. Start with some of your volume customer favourites, expand your list using two, three or more of the following ideas that you judge may delight your customers…

  1. Add a super premium Aussie sparkling or non-vintage Champagne. 
  2. Why not try a Rosé or a Vintage Champagne?
  3. Support the wine region closest to you with a listing or two.
  4. Try a different wine varietal or blend thats matches a new or popular dish (share with your staff, let them try the pairing).  
  5. Investigate different wine regions or an exciting winemaker new to you.
  6. Introduce super-premium wines to test your consumers' wine-by-the-glass limits.
  7. Pour an ultra-premium say Hill of Grace or Krug for a limited time promoting with local & social media.
  8. Try a seasonal Champagne cocktail on your drinks list.
  9. Develop an exciting wine or Champagne flight for customers to enjoy.

No Stress about Wine Wastage – Bermar's ePreserve technology ensures the still & sparking wines on your by the glass list will stay fresh for 21 days. If one of your new wines is slow, change it out for something new.


Step 3. Display and promote your wine range

A critical step is to promote your new wine-by-the-glass list to your existing and potential customers! Use your social channels, back bar display or your menu to communicate with your customers.

  1. Share delicious and interesting food and wine matches with a special pairing menu or highlight on your main menu, building your customers' experience.
  2. If it suits your venue style, display your wine and Champagne by the glass offering with prominent signage and a great looking back bar.
  3. Leverage social media to promote your new by the glass offer, highlighting a premium by the glass option with stunning imagery.

Does promoting increase revenue?… Dodd (1997) and Wansink et al. (2006) found that wine sales can be increased if the restaurant uses wine promotions and recommends food-wine pairing. Using a twelve-week field experiment, Wansink et al. (2006) estimated that wine-food pairing recommendations increased wine sales of the targeted wines by 44.5% while the promotion of five wines increased the sales of the promoted wines by 39%, and the opportunity to taste five wines before the meal increased sales of the targeted wines by 47%.




4Step 4. Supercharge your team

Its well-known staff are your best asset to deliver an outstanding experience for your customers. Likewise, the key to increasing by-the-glass sales while delighting customers is harnessing your floor team’s talents by giving them the confidence to assist customers when ordering. We don't expect all team members to be sommeliers, and sommeliers can only be in one place at a time. Small bits of knowledge can lift your staff's confidence, leaving your customers feeling empowered. 

Knowledge will:

– Make wine suggestions simple for staff

– Simplify wine choices for customers

– Create ‘up-sell’ opportunities

– Encourage consumers to try different wines

What and how to share with your team

Knowledge about wines on your by the glass list - Hold wine tastings for your staff to build their confidence with the wine by the glass list. Wine suppliers will be ecstatic to provide the wines and host a tasting of their wines for your team - particularly if you are pouring their wines by the glass... 

Examples of wines paired with dishes on the menu - Discuss a particular dish and wine pairing with your staff. Even better, make it a tasting. Focusing on two or three pairings at a time will allow your team to take the information in and make confident suggestions to your customers. 

Ideas for ‘up-sell’ opportunities - Pair two wines with the same dish, allowing you to suggest a 'very good' wine to pair with the dish at above middle price of your by-the-glass list and suggest the 'perfect' wine to pair with the dish at the high end of your list. 

– New wine cheat sheet - Provide a cheat sheet for your staff of varietal/blend/style and food pairings. E.g., young Rieslings with Seared Tuna, Champagne with oysters, bright Pinot with Peking duck, Sangiovese with Osso Bucco, mature Grenache with Moroccan lamb are all spectacular marriages.  Link to comprehensive seasonal version put together by Halliday's wine companion. Share a few of these at a time. This knowledge gives your staff comfort, suggesting different wine styles/varietals and food pairings. Backing this with tastings will provide significant benefits. 

Develop internal ‘Wine Ambassadors'

Team members that understand the wines & Champagnes available by-the-glass can get other staff and customers excited new additions to the by the glass list. 

Love these steps? Want to learn more about wine & Champagne preservation and how it can help your business?
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