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Our Heritage

Founded in 1991, Bermar International has been leading the wine preservation industry for 30 years. Modern wine lists with an eye-watering selection of exceptional wines available by-the-glass were just a dream. Consumers faced a mind numbing choice... a glass of house red or a glass of house white and don't even think about a glass Champagne or something sparkling. Equipped with desires and feedback from restauranteurs and hoteliers our founders set out to broaden the wine-by-the-glass horizon…

With the trades feedback in mind, they developed a system for effectively ‘resealing’ bottles, extending the lifespan of open still or sparkling wine bottles from hours to weeks. Winemakers, sommeliers and on-trade operators were immediately impressed. Le Verre de Vin wine and Champagne preservation systems now freed on-trade operators to offer an exciting range of still and sparkling wines-by-the-glass. Consumers could enjoy high-quality premium still and sparkling wines purchased by-the-glass always served as fresh as the winemaker intended. 

Over the years, Bermar’s range of products has evolved to meet the modern operators changing needs. One thing that has not changed, is our passion for assisting on-trade operators in serving the 'freshest' premium still and sparkling wines to their consumers.




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Built by us, made for you

Global production, R&D, dispatch and logistics teams are all based at Bermar's Head Office in the UK. This means every system is hand-built for you, by us. We have complete control of the build process and this is the reason we are globally renowned for the reliability and precision-engineered finish of our products. If you'd like to visit us, we'd be delighted to show you around…








  Bermar Australia


Established in 2006 as the Australian distributor for Le Verre de Vin wine and Champagne preservation systems. Our principle spent 20 years in the Australian wine industry. The last years focused on the on-trade. It was clear to everyone there was significant problem with by-the-glass freshness to consumers and waste for operators. Satisfying consumer demand, venues were offering a growing choice of still and sparkling wines-by-the-glass. The most used wine preservation tools were domestic gadgets, so wine wastage and wine reaching consumers long past its used-by-date were high.

While searching for a solution for wine-by-the-glass freshness, we looked far and wide; 'homey gadgets' - don't work, 'inert gas cabinet systems' - don't preserve sparkling wines, are slow to use, expensive to run, need lots of cleaning, are large, you can't pour from the bottle, cost a fortune and pour a limited number of still wines, (new 'inert gas/needle system' - don't preserve sparkling wines, are too slow during busy trading periods and expensive to run), 'beer taps' - beer is excellent from beer taps, but taps do nothing for the image of premium wine-by-the-glass.

Our first introduction with Le Verre de Vin was through a mate from a famous Brisbane restaurant family, John shared it preserves unlimited bottles of Champagne and still wines, easy to use and cost almost nothing to operate. John has been around restaurants all his life so we knew this was worth researching. After three months with our quality control team in the Barossa we realised Le Verre de Vin was the ideal partner to every wine-by-glass offering. Offering 21 days still and sparkling wine preservation, unlimited number of bottles preserved, resealing bottles in under 5 seconds, simple to use. Systems were also compact enough to fit existing bars, require no regular cleaning aside from rinsing the stoppers occasionally, robustly designed and constructed.

Fifteen-years later, Bermar Australia is still working with Australia's on-trade venues supplying the lastest technology Bermar Champagne and wine preservation systems. We have a growing number of winery cellar doors relying on Le Verre de Vin to support their tastings programs. Pouring a tired tasting glass to a potential customer is not an option and tipping their winemakers and viticulturist hard toil down the drain is heart breaking.




In good company

Over 50,000 customers in 90+ countries around the world have a Bermar system operating at the heart of their wine by the glass offer. From idyllic island retreats in the Maldives to busy, bustlin’ backstreet bars in New York city you never know where you’ll see your next Bermar preservation system.

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